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So who are the 50-best college football players of the last 50 years wholesale soccer jerseys? And how many Texas Longhorns should be on the list?

Luckily for college football fans, Athlon Magazine gathered a panel of college football writers, reporters and columnists to give us a list. Two members of the panel, Chris Dufresne and Herb Gould, revealed their top 50. Here’s how it panned out:

Athlon picked Herschel Walker No. 1, as did Dufresne and Gould.

Side note: While Athlon and Dufresne had Tim Tebow in the top 10, Gould inexplicably put one of the greatest college quarterbacks ever at No. 32 on his list. Look, Dan Marino, who Gould has at No. 17, was great at Pittsburgh, but Tebow won a Heisman and was on two National Championship teams at Florida. But agree to disagree we will.

The one thing they all agreed on: Earl Campbell and Vince Young were two of the greatest college football players ever.

Dufresne has Campbell at No. 11, while Gould and Athlon ranks him No. 4. Young is No. 8 in Athlon’s list, while Dufresne and Gould have him at No. 7.

Texas is the only college football program on Athlon’s list with two top-10 players.

Ricky Williams came in at No. 37 on Athlon’s ranking of the 50 greatest, ranking between Archie Manning (No. 36) and Matt Leinart (No. 38). Dufresne doesn’t list Williams, but instead lists Boston College great Luke Kuechly No. 42 (read that right), while Gould has Williams at No. 50 on his list.

The three are the only Longhorns on this list, which makes sense considering two are former Heisman Trophy winners while Young may have played the single greatest quarterback game ever in January of 2006 at the Rose Bowl.

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