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Vince Wilfork didn’t mince words on Wednesday when speaking about quarterback Tom Brady during his retirement press conference at Gillette Stadium.

The former New England Patriots defense lineman talked about how influential Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and others were in during this decade with the team and then explained why he believes Tom Brady is “hands down” the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen.

Essentially is long explanation boiled down to Brady not having elite passing catching options for most of his career, but still succeeded.

“I had the luxury to play with the greatest quarterback that ever played the game — hands down,” said Wilfork during his Q&A with reporters after his retirement speech. “When you can take a quarterback and give him different receivers and put him in different offenses and day in and day out and every year, wholesale soccer jerseys do what you do, you’re the greatest.

“Tom doesn’t have Randy Mosses and Jerry Rices and stuff like that. He has (Rob Gronkowski). He has (Julian) Edelman. He has guys that proved to him that they can win. And to do that day in and day out with some guys that come from other teams, that people overlook, hands down he’s the greatest. If you give him four top receivers in the game on one field, what do you think will happen? Some of these quarterbacks we talk about that are supposedly the greatest, they had that around them. They had three, four targets around them that were Hall of Famers, that was the best of the best. They had that. Tom don’t.

“I’m not saying (New England’s receivers) aren’t good or great, but he don’t have the Jerry Rices. He don’t have the Randy Mosses anymore. When he did have Randy Moss and Wes Welker, he broke the (single-season NFL touchdown) record. And he’s breaking (more) records with what he has and those guys made a name for themselves.”wholesale nfl apparel

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Brady and Wilfork played not he same team together from 2004 when the nose tackle was drafted out of Miami until the end of the 2014 season. During that time, the Patriots were able to win two Super Bowl titles with each of them anchoring their sides of the field.

And while, Wilfork may look down upon some of the receiving units of former Patriots teams, the one the Brady is about to suit up with this season that features the newly acquired Brandin Cooks, Brady might just find himself in the record books once again.

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