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An excellent game need a good team jerseys, With all the roster changes, the Houston Dynamo attacking 4-3-3 has an empty soccer jerseys cheap wholesalespot up front. F Mauro Manotas vows he’ll fill it this season, and then some.

The Houston Dynamo sent Erick Cubo Torres to Liga MX, taking him out of their go-to 4-3-3 formation. F Mauro Manotas says he’s going to fight for that front starting spot and win it.

Torres and other starters pushed Manotas aside last season. Yet he played in 33 games, starting 24. He scored 10 goals with five assists. In the post-season he scored another goal, playing four games, starting three.

Houston Dynamo’s improved 4-3-3 attack

So Manotas used 2017 to make his case as the Houston Dynamo’s new leading attacker.

And head coach Wilmer Cabrera has emphasized the Dynamo will progress in all areas of MLS soccer, in the regular season and heading deeper into the post-season. Yet the team’s scheme, favoring the 4-3-3 formation, will remain a system of disrupting attackers raining shots on goal upon the competition.

Cabrera further said if Manotas earns the start-up front, he needs to score and keep up a focused attack this pre-season.

Manotas adds that, as a starter, he intends to improve on his 10 goals scored in 2017. He aims for more goals. Maybe, he thinks, hitting in the range of 15-20.

Manotas worked last season in all three forward positions in the Dynamo’s 4-3-3. To keep the attack going in the center, he’s been improving his headers.

Manotas: I want to improve my headers and be calmer and controlled when it comes to shooting.  I love challenges and I have been waiting for this opportunity for a while.

Since signing with Houston in 2015, he’s had time to learn everything there is about the Dynamo attack.

In 2018, Manotas has the stuff to take the position and school opponents, during the regular season and deep into post-season.

Erick ‘Cubo’ Torres’ offseason sale to Liga MX side Pumas UNAM has left a void in Houston Dynamo head coach Wilmer Cabrera’s 4-3-3 formation, and Mauro Manotas aims to be the one to fill it.

Manotas has been waiting for the opportunity to be the Dynamo’s starting forward since he signed with the franchise in 2015, but it won’t just be handed to him, and he knows it. The competition for the starting role will be a tough one and Manotas is ready to put up a fight.

“I’m going to work. I’m going to fight so I can be the one to earn that position,” Manotas told in a phone interview from Tucson, Arizona, where the Dynamo will spend the next two weeks training.

“Obviously, my teammates are going to be fighting for that position because they want to play, too. But it’s going to be a healthy fight, and that’s something that coach has told us.”

What does Manotas need to do to earn the starting No. 9 position? Cabrera says he simply needs to work, score goals and continue attacking this preseason. Manotas adds that his play on the field will speak volumes for how much he wants the starting forward spot.

Manotas’ play has improved every year he’s been in Houston. While he was originally signed in 2015, he only appeared in nine matches and failed to notch a goal that season. In 2016, he logged more minutes, making 22 appearances, but only in the latter half of the season did he leave his mark, scoring six goals in the team’s last eight games.

Last season, the competition was just as fierce, with the arrival of Alberth Elis and Romell Quioto, not to mention the rise of a rejuvenated Torres. But Manotas still managed to play in 33 games, netting 10 goals in the regular season and one in the Audi 2017 MLS Cup Playoffs.

Heading into his fourth season with La Naranja, Manotas says his previous three years in MLS have made him a more mature person on and off the field. He adds that 2018 is poised to be a big one not just for him personally, but for the Dynamo as well.

Manotas has a set number of goals. The Colombian wants to notch at least 11 goals in the regular season, one more than last season’s tally, but hopes for more, saying 15 or 20 would be ideal. And he knows what he needs to improve on to reach that milestone.

“I want to improve my headers and be calmer and controlled when it comes to shooting,” Manotas said.

“Because last year in the Western Conference finals against Seattle I had several opportunities to score, but because I was desperate to score, I maybe didn’t give it my best shot. So that’s something that I’m working on, is to be a little calmer when shooting [the ball].”

Last season, Manotas was used on the left and right wing as well as the center forward role in Houston’s 4-3-3. But make no mistake, he prefers to play centrally.

“I want to be the center forward and I’m going to work for that. Last year I couldn’t play there [much] because Torres was here, but at the end of the year I practically ended up playing there,” Manotas said.

“I want to play there. I want to be the No. 9. I want to take my team’s penalties and be the one scoring goals. I’m preparing myself to be the No. 9, but if I’m deployed on the wing I have no problem with that.” It show that the No. 9 Mauro Manotas jersey is vital important to him.

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